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Goodbye Leadership (and hello long-neglected blog)

June 17, 2013

I’m on my way North!  To Seattle!  I have no job!  I only have a little money!  Devon and I are getting married in August!  Excitement and terror are present in equal measure, and in 9 days we go.  Wow!

Hardest thing so far: LEAVING THE KIDS!  LHS ended up being a very good spot for me to grow in my first two years of teaching and I’m also really ready to move forward.  I’m not grieving the loss of the institution, but all those relationships with all those students!  Intense.  There were many tears and much recrimination and a whole lot of craziness going on.  A lot of my students were very angry with me and felt abandoned and acted out a bunch.  Overall, it really struck me (and I was talking about this with Beth Silbergeld, my now ex-principal) that students held their relationships with me in a different light than I did.  Part of that is just age, but another part of it is the Leadership student-teacher relationship dynamic.  Which, in my opinion, is a little crazy.  The kids get really attached.  The Advisory system in particular seems to really intensify this, although only some of the students who were having a hard time with my leaving were advisees.


+ Good to have those strong relationships, even if it makes leaving harder.

– Boundaries are still really important.  We have to teach our students this, they should be able to have the following internal process: this person is my teacher, not my parent or friend, and they may leave this school.  They may have other relationships in their own life that supercede their relationship with me and that is normal and healthy.

Well, onwards and upwards until we meet again!

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